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The Art of Fusion Guitar - Part I

October 25, 2010 Wednesday
Maurice Arenas
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Maurice Arenas has specially created this series for Mike’s Master Classes targeting the overall player who wishes to comprehend and master many musical genres. In the first video of the series a fusion solo is broken down that contains elements of Jazz, Blues, Shred, Rock and Fusion. This first video was intended for guitarists of many skill levels from Beginning, Intermediate to the Advanced. Each level will receive something on each topic, which enables the student to continue learning more after certain concepts are internalized.

The first in this video series covers a variety of concepts used in many genres, including Rock, Shred, Blues, Jazz and Fusion

The techniques and concepts shown and explained are:

• Chords used in the lesson (including Jazz chords and Slash chords)
• Sweep Picking Arpeggios similar to "Frank Gambale" (Level 1 and 2)
• Hybrid Picking
• Playing Chromatic passing tones – outlining small chords
• 3 Octave Scales with a logical approach
• Pentatonic Scales with a repeated notes similar to “Allan Holdsworth” and "Paul Gilbert"
• Diminished Arpeggios and Applications in Jazz, Blues and Rock
• 7 Modes of the Major Scale – 3 notes per string
• 5 Pentatonic Boxes – 2 notes per string
• Fingerboard Knowledge Overview - Maurice Arenas basic approach to viewing the guitar
• Scales on one string, 2 notes per string, 3 notes per string, 3 octaves

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Customer Reviews:

Leon Barron  (Wednesday, 19 August 2015)
Rating: 5
Excellent lesson with a great teacher! Opens a lot of doors to the fusion style that normally seems so abstruse.



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Jack Wilkins

No need to go to a "music school"- I'm 61 yrs old- been a classic rock/blues player for 50 years. I have found the 'holy grail". Thanks Mike”-Bruce C.(Avenel, NJ, USA)