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Solo Guitar Concepts

September 23, 2007 Monday 11:30 PM EDT
John Stowell
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In this jam-packed class on Solo Guitar Concepts, John will cover Chord Melody Components: How to Develop Unusual Chords (both wide and close intervals, open string voicings), Creating Cadences with Unusual Voicings, Internal Movement Inside a Chord, Pedal Points, Isolating Individual Notes in a Chord, and Employing Fragments of a Chord to Suggest the Harmony.  In addition, he will teach Right Hand Techniques: Demonstration of Pick/Finger Combinations to Isolate Individual Notes in a Chord and Play Double Stops or Triads on Non-Adjacent Strings.  Also, John will hold a Disucussion and Demonstration of Note Duration in an Arrangement (staccato vs. legato).  Other topics include:
Demonstration of Playing in Time, Rubato, Pulse with No Fixed Meter, Combinations of all Three Techniques.  Demonstrations of Walking Bass Lines in an Arrangement.  Dicussion/Dissection of a Chord Melody Arrangement.  Demonstration of Modulations inside and Arrangement.  Whew!

This class was streamed live from the Cadenza Academy in Portland, OR.

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5 stars Total votes: 4

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Customer Reviews:

George Kormendi  (Saturday, 04 July 2009)
Rating: 5
John, thank you for giving this master class! I enjoyed it very much and am going through it again slowly, when I have time, to make sure I can hear and find all your examples. Very inspiring for me! Lot's of great ideas for organizing and developing solo guitar. I also downloaded solitary tales from itunes -- maybe I already mentioned that to you last time we met, but worth repeating that I enjoy that recording very much too -- and it is a great compliment to this class : )

Brandon Foster  (Tuesday, 12 February 2008)
Rating: 5
What a beautiful class. John presents a lot of ideas to get you thinking about your own chord melody arrangements and demonstrates each with awe inspiring ability.

John teaches very clearly and breaks things down very easily for one to grasp.
No PDF's; but not really needed.

What a player!!!!

Az Samad  (Thursday, 27 December 2007)
Rating: 5
Jaw-droppingly good class with so many insightful examples. I learned so many new concepts and am looking forward to practice the material.

james Seaberry  (Tuesday, 02 October 2007)
Rating: 5
This class is one of the best I've ever taken, and I have done quite a few of Mike's classes so far. Not only is this jam-packed, but Mr. Stowell was kind enough to correspond with me afterwards as I was unable to sit in the live version, and he even sent me some materials of his without my asking!!! This is one great artist who deserves our support.


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Jack Wilkins

"One of the absolute best instructional videos I've ever seen [Tom Lippincott 8/18/11]. Tom lays it all out for you in an easy to understand way. He's a fantastic teacher. I was  immediately able to put some of these modern concepts into my playing. There is an amazing amount of material here and it's all great. I'm so glad I  downloaded this class. Well worth the money!!!" - Franklin B. (Tulsa, OK, USA)