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Quartal Harmony and Intervallic Soloing

April 26, 2009 Monday 11:30 AM
Steve Herberman
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With TAB and standard notation. 
Quartal harmony can really spice up ones comping and soloing bringing them into the modern realm. Being well-versed in quartal shapes and appropriate fingering and picking techniques can help intervallic soloing come out naturally in one’s playing. 
This class is a continuation of the earlier masterclass “Exploring the Chord/Single Note Connection.” Picking up where that class left off we’ll delve into the world of quartal harmony applied to tunes such as Inner Urge, Freedom Jazz Dance and Maiden Voyage. Memorizing the quartal shapes, practicing them in chord scales and applying them to modal playing as well as denser harmonic changes can unlock interesting comping and soloing possibilities in the modern style. By practicing the fingered exercises that accompany this video class, the mechanisms will be in place for improvising naturally in an intervallic manner. Once the chord shapes are mastered in various keys we’ll add in scale tones and approach note patterns for inside/outside effects through single note soloing. Also included in the written material is an intervallic-style solo on Inner Urge that draws from the quartal voicings and mixes in plenty of chromaticism.
We’ll take a detailed look at left hand fingerings approaches such as finger alternation and finger “rolling.” This will help give the intervallic lines clarity and definition. Right hand techniques will also be addressed to include both pickstyle and fingerstyle technique. Expand your quartal chord knowledge while enhancing your single note vocabulary with this fun and detailed class on intervallic playing!

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Customer Reviews:

james Seaberry  (Thursday, 07 May 2009)
Rating: 5
I must say that this concept is not new to me, having absorbed much of Joe Diorio's work in the past, as well as others, but Mr. Herberman has done it again; this is a fresh, practical, clear approach with a lot of ways of re-thinking things I thought I was already fairly well versed on. That's as good as it gets.


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Jack Wilkins

"Sheryl Bailey's approach to guide tones as a basis for creating improvised lines is excellent!" - Joel J. (Hoenheim, FRA)