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Jazz Guitar Harmony Part V

December 30, 2010
Tom Lippincott
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Jazz Guitar Harmony Part 5 covers:

• review of close position seventh chords and tips for practical use
• explanation of the terms "drop 2" and "drop 3" as they apply to guitar chord voicings
• the "chord scale exercise" which is a logical and musical presentation of drop 2 and drop 3 voicings by inversion and string set, using the seventh chords diatonic to the major scale
• additional methods for developing mastery of drop 2 and drop 3 voicings including inversions, II V I progressions, and diatonic cycles
• applying the basic voicings to comping on tunes, with musical example
• hints and suggestions for making the learning of new chord voicings easier
• incorporation of contrapuntal movement and ear training
• additional 4-note chords and their typical usage
• applying color tones to the chords for comping on tunes, with musical example
• chord synonyms–getting more mileage out of the voicings you already know
• applying the voicings to solo guitar arrangements, with musical example including color tones and contrapuntal movement
• running time: 124 minutes
• includes 16 pages of written examples and exercises

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5 stars Total votes: 6

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Customer Reviews:

Robert Gajadhar  (Friday, 15 April 2016)
Rating: 5
Amazing, what have i missed all these years. This is the last in the series, not is it only sooo much info its fun and systematic. Im still bussy with this one and it will take some time but to have all the drop voicings as an option is just amazing. KNowledge is power and this is so much power! The whole series is a must for all guitarist and it doesnt matter what style you play. Tom explains everything perfectly. I cant recommend this enough.

sebastian sibila  (Wednesday, 22 July 2015)
Rating: 5
very thorough lesson. Tom explains everything in detail, leaves nothing out. Super well organized. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Pedro Munoz  (Friday, 23 January 2015)
Rating: 5

killian karlsson  (Monday, 08 July 2013)
Rating: 5
This entire series is excellent! Like Tom explained in the beginning, some of the material may be review, which it was for me, however because of its thoroughness there were several things that have filled in some of my gaps. I really look forward to the Advanced classes! I highly recommend these even if you are an advanced player! Tom is also a great teacher who explains everything very well and the written material is very easy to follow! Well worth it!

Aaron  (Monday, 22 August 2011)
Rating: 5
This is an excellent series! Tom is a great teacher and the materials are well organized. Thumbs up!



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Jack Wilkins

"I just finished Sheryl Bailey's Boot Camp Parts 1 - 3.  This was by far the best investment in jazz instruction for guitar that I have encountered.  I am looking forward to diving in again to some new material." - Dan C. (Portsmouth, NH, USA)