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Jazz Guitar Harmony Part III

August 3, 2010 Wednesday
Tom Lippincott
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Jazz Guitar Harmony Part 3 covers:

• diatonic cycles of triads within the major scale
• diatonic voice leading with close position triads
• ear training
• melody harmonization with triads, simple and more complex
• theoretical understanding of open position triads
• applying open triads to the guitar including different practical fingerings and string sets
• diatonic harmonized scales with open triads
• contrapuntal voice movement between triads, both close and open
• musical application of open triads
• moving triad concepts to other keys
• working with open and close triads outside the diatonic major scale

• running time: 98 minutes
• includes 10 pages of written examples and exercises

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Average customer rating:
5 stars Total votes: 9

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Customer Reviews:

Robert Gajadhar  (Tuesday, 01 March 2016)
Rating: 5
Great class! It took me more time then the first two because its so much and important. The cycles take time to learn and also the open triads, but the more time i spend with them the more posibilitys i see. The cycles are verry important, it gives me the posibilty to move to a next chord in a easy and systematic way. The open triad voicings give you more voicing options and endless posibilitys. I cant wait to finish this series and to have the knowledge as second nature. These classes pack so much information, each of them are worth more money then what you pay for. I recommend these classes to everyone, knowledge is power and the way Tom explains everything is very clear and to the point.

Tim Hamrick  (Friday, 23 October 2015)
Rating: 5
Another excellent class by Tom. Clear, concise and engaging information that is a must for the growing jazz guitarist. Highly recommended!

Oliver Richardson  (Friday, 08 May 2015)
Rating: 5
Personally speaking, this class took me more time than the previous parts to swallow and digest the material, mainly because at this stage I'm relying more on shape memorisation and not note location at his juncture. The concept of open chords is wonderful though, and it moves the player away from the awful generic barrechord-cult that exists today. The cyclic way of chaining diatonic chords together is also a weapon with unlimited potential, especially when combined with various fingerings. As a keen hybrid picker it was also a '2 birds with 1 stone' scenario as a i had plenty of exercises to work on that and the open chords simultaneously. A*

Pedro Munoz  (Wednesday, 29 October 2014)
Rating: 5

Alexis Pareja  (Wednesday, 26 March 2014)
Rating: 5
There is some incredibly valuable stuff here. The main concepts I enjoyed a lot were the cycles and open triads with their inversions. It's true that most guitarists have felt at one point or another that pianists have a superior advantage, but as we explore the guitar more in depth it becomes apparent that we have many of our own advantages. Especially when you incorporate an extended range like 7 or 8 string.
The information is here. It's a matter of buckling down and practicing these concepts to make them yours.



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Jack Wilkins

"Once again, Sheryl [Bailey 7/5/12] has knocked it out of the park with this wonderful lesson. I've been amazed by her fluency in the bebop language for quite a while now, and this class provides further insight into developing flowing lines through the changes. Thanks to Sheryl for this great learning experience." - Scott G. (Grandview, OH, USA)