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Bailey's Boot Camp Basics

January 10, 2007 Friday 2 PM
Sheryl Bailey
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Sheryl Bailey begins this series of basics for the beginning level jazz guitarist.    We will be streaming live from the IAJE in NYC.   Sheryl will cover Major Scales and Modes, Fretboard Organization, Melodic Development and Arpeggios and she will teach and demonstrate the fundamentals of playing changes with Arpeggios and Guide Tones.

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Customer Reviews:

Matthew Warnock  (Saturday, 25 June 2011)
Rating: 5
A great resource, all three in the series, for any student of Bebop and jazz guitar. There is enough material in the opening solo on Along Came Betty to keep people busy in the practice room for years to come. Definitely worth the price of admission!

Richard Sokoloff  (Wednesday, 24 December 2008)
Rating: 5
Been playing also for 40 years, basically by ear, I have found this one of the best courses to take, I also have enjoyed listening to Sheryl on You Tube,and exceptional talented jazz guitarist , and also the late and fantastio talent of Emily Remler

Donald Beier  (Tuesday, 22 January 2008)
Rating: 5
I've been playing for 40 years with very little knowledge of theory.
I got ahold of Barre chords at 13 , learned a few leads verbatim, and hung onto the Pentatonic scale for ALL applications.That was too limiting...
I wanted to expand into more complex material and actually learn waht was behind it all.
Mike suggested this class as a good "primer" into the world of Jazz guitar.
That is exactly what it is. I would echo John's thoughts. The ability to play all 12 keys, as Sheryl clearly demonstrates, within a 5 fret range is first of all, a great theory lesson in itself that should lead me to understanding the fretboard much,much better. I can also see it aiding greatly in my improvisational efforts down the road.
This is good stuff. I'd recommend it to folks in my boat, looking to maybe get to the next level.After this sinks in, I would like to try Mr Bollenbeck's work on Jazz/Blues.

John Bushong  (Sunday, 18 February 2007)
Rating: 5
This is an excellant class for the less than proficient jazz student. Sheryl presents a method of learning the "all scales, all keys, any position" thing that is sort of fundamental to improvisation. She is very articulate and presents the material in a highly organized manner.


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Jack Wilkins

"Jake Langley's class 'Making the Changes - Translating the Jazz Language on Guitar' was like taking 8 or 10 private lessons with him, jam-packed with great playing examples and information!" - Allen A. (Kelowna, BC, CAN)