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A Guitarist's Approach to the Harmony of Bill Evans
Sid Jacobs 9/26/06 9 PM $23.96
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Jack Wilkins

"I have the honor and the privilege to live amongst jazz guitar royalty in Los Angeles California, and I have studied with several jazz guitar giants. This is the first guitar lesson that I have purchased on line, and this was a good experience. Sheryl Bailey is a great guitar teacher. Sheryl's Flow 1 lesson is one of the most insightful, helpful, and enjoyable lessons I have ever spent time with. After about 5 hours of assimilating this lesson and the lines it offers, it is already connecting lines that were already part of my vocabulary, and it is helping me to create new lines off of the scale presented. This video on Mikes Masterclasses is the best $30 you will ever spend, and I recommend it without hesitation." - Richard G. - (Porter Ranch, CA, USA)