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A Guide to Practical Comping - Part II

August 6, 2013
Jamie Taylor
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This jazz guitar class builds on the foundations established in Part One of a guide to practical comping, to expand the vocabulary to the point where we can comp with total melodic freedom over any almost any kind of harmonic situation. The advanced player may wish to take this class as a standalone lesson in its own right, but when combined with the first video, it supplies a pretty comprehensive approach to fret board harmony.

The main focus here is on combining our chordal repertoire with our knowledge of scales, so that we are able to produce accompaniments that are as varied and interactive as we would want our solo lines to be. During almost 1hr50m of material, we examine a huge range of harmonic possibilities, whilst relating everything back to something familiar. If you've ever had the feeling that you understand the theory but find it difficult to apply, this class might have some practical solutions.

Topics covered in this jazz guitar lesson include:

  • Quartal voicings for the major scale and all its modal applications
  • How to apply this to appropriate pieces from repertoire
  • Extended modal voicings to facilitate more complex textures
  • How to see and hear these in the context of something familiar
  • Discussion of simple and more complex triad applications
  • Quartal and modal voicings for the melodic minor scale
  • Specific application of these to appropriate standard repertoire
  • A simple, accessible guide to diminished and whole-tone harmony
  • Specific application again to appropriate standard repertoire
  • Some general practical advice from the bandstand

The class comes with a 14-page PDF booklet (including tablature) cross- referenced with a series of synchronized on-screen captions.

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5 stars Total votes: 2

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with a class, just let Mike know and he’ll give you another class in its place or a full refund.


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Customer Reviews:

Paul Brooke  (Tuesday, 14 March 2017)
Rating: 5
Another excellent master class. There is a major amount of material for study in both Comping 1 and 2. Jamie Taylor really opens the door into alternate ways of thinking musically. I'm an intermediate player who has worked hard for a long time and these classes are an inspiration.

Richard Handel   (Friday, 22 November 2013)
Rating: 5
Jamie is an amazing teacher and the PDF that comes with the video is very detailed. This master class is well worth the money.


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Jack Wilkins

.Just like to say that your follow up service is top shelf, and, the classes offer a world of information at a very reasonable cost .. a tremendous value.´-Charles B.(Plainfield, NJ, USA)