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A Guide to Practical Comping - Part 1

January 18, 2013
Jamie Taylor
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Advanced Jazz Guitar Lesson: A Guide To Practical Comping – Part One:

The art of jazz guitar accompaniment, and the study of chords in general, can be daunting topics, especially if you’re new to the style. That’s why this lesson dives straight in with the essentials; it’s full of devices that you can go out and use on your next gig. The focus here isn’t on complicated harmonic theory; it’s all about getting stuck in to the basic changes of well-known standards, and giving them a sprinkling of the magic dust! During almost 90 mins of easily digestible material, we learn all sorts of tips and tricks that the pros use to make their accompaniments sparkle. Even if you’ve never comped a set of jazz chord changes before, this video gives you all the tools you need to emulate greats like Joe Pass, Freddie Green, Bucky Pizzarelli, and Martin Taylor.  No need to worry about struggling to keep up either - every concept we cover is broken down slowly and notated fully (including tablature) on the accompanying PDF. There’s plenty to keep the more experienced player occupied too…

Topics covered include:

  • Quickly build a rock-solid foundation of basic jazz shapes.
  • Add passing chords to basic progressions to keep them moving.
  • Introduction to moving inner parts.
  • ‘Freddie Green’ style 4-to-the-bar comping. What shapes to use, what technique to use, how to get that sound!
  • Martin Taylor/Joe Pass style bass line comping. The class includes a complete chorus of this over “All The Things You Are”, played slowly and fully tabbed out on the PDF.
  • Voice leading through common progressions – all over the guitar.
  • Combine voicings with scales, to make exciting chord/melody phrases.

Finally, the class comes complete with a 13-page PDF booklet (including standard notation and tablature), plus synchronised on-screen captions, so you know exactly where you are at all times.

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5 stars Total votes: 3

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with a class, just let Mike know and he’ll give you another class in its place or a full refund.


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Customer Reviews:

Mano Flick  (Sunday, 13 November 2016)
Rating: 5
The magic of Jamie is that he truly acts as a catalyst. I really knew everything presented in this lesson (drop 2 and 3, bass lines etc.) and yet something changed in me, a tiny change of persective that made me pick up the topic with new energy and coming up with results that I did not dare to hope.

Richard Handel   (Friday, 22 November 2013)
Rating: 5
Jamie Taylor is a remarkably gifted teacher. I plan on purchasing all Master Classes that he creates. This Master Class (and part II) are the best instructional materials on comping that I have ever seen.

Eric Byron  (Monday, 26 August 2013)
Rating: 5
This is by far the best comping / chordal lesson I have ever seen !
Jamie's tone is very nice and he guides us through all the very important and core comping from bass line comping to melodic with a very Practical guide line.
I have to say I knew 98% of the shapes involved in this class but the way they are explained and combined into real music is fantastic. I just wish I had this class 10 years ago ... Gives you tons of material to work on standards for years ... and I m now jumping into Part II
Thank you Jamie


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Jack Wilkins

"These are some of the best most well organized guitar lessons available on the net. Be prepared to spend months digesting all the material, because each lesson is a novel, not a pamphlet of info."  [In reference to Tom Lippincott's classes.] - Lindsey B. Margate, (FL, USA)