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Juampy Juarez

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Juampy Juarez born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 6, 1970
 He is one of Argentina’s premiere guitar players and one of the best of South America. Lives in Buenos Aires.


Juampy can play jazz, rock, fusion or heavy metal with equal facility. He took lessons with great Pat Martino, Jack Wilkins, Gene Bertoncini, Jonathan Kreisberg, Barry Harris, Sid Jacobs, Paul Meyers, Bruce Arnold, and his main mentor Pino Marrone. Also with greats Carlos Campos and Marcelo Mayor.

In the world:

Has played and recorded in such important cities as New York, New Jersey, Buenos Aires, Sao Pablo, Bangkok ,Barcelona , Madrid , Girona (Spain), and Paris with the many of the greatest musicians alive: Legendary guitar players like Ben Monder, John Stowell, Jack Wilkins, Gene Bertoncini, Howard Alden, Sid Jacobs, Sheryl Bailey, Peter Mazza, Rick Stone, Joe Giglio, Tony De Caprio, Russ Spiegel, Pino Marrone, some of the best bassists in the world like Steve La Spina, Rick Rosato, Harvie S Thomson Kneeland, Diallo House and ex- former Pat Metheny group singer/bassist and composer Pedro Aznar, drummers Joe Strasser, Fabio Ragnelli, Brian Adler, also incredible players as Jim Silberstein, Dan Adler, Tosh Sheridan, Matt Butterman, Matt Askinazof, Tony Romano, Marco Opedissano, Jim Hershman, Paul Meyers, Tom Dempsey, Joe Berger, trombonist Jim Masters, Israel alto sax player Gilad Atzmon, , Eric Leboucher Radiguet (France), Luis Sanchez Trio (Spain) among many Argentina’s rock and pop top stars like Los Piojos, La Renga, Ciro Martinez, Axel, and Luciano Pereira.

In Argentina:

He played in the most important venues of Buenos Aires, as world famous and prestigious Teatro Colon, Rock’s temple Cemento, and jazz clubs like Jazz&Pop, Bebop Club, Clásica y Moderna and Thelonious Club with the best musicians in Argentina: Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Richard Nant, Ricardo Cavalli, Andres Boiarsky, Bernardo Baraj, Luis D’agostino, Guillermo Arrom, Javier Garcia, Ezequiel Chino Piazza, Tomas Babjaczuck, Cesar Franov, Cirilo Fernandez, Mariano Sivori, Sergio Verdinelli, Jerónimo Carmona, Ale Demogli, Eduardo Muñoz, Marcelo Kitai, Carlos Alvarez, Fernando Pugliese, Guillermo Calliero, Fernando Marrone, Victor Skorupstky, Gustavo Musso, Rodrigo Domínguez, Marcelo Torres, Luis de la Torre, Carlos Álvarez, Juanjo Hermida, Quintino Cinalli, Alejandro Herrera, Hernan Jacinto, Carlos Michelini, Leo Alvarez, Diego Alejandro, Hernan Mandelmann, Pablo motta, Ezequiel Dutil, Esteban Freytes, Daniel Camelo, Damian Vernis, Juan Manuel Alfaro, Cordoba’s musicians as Eduardo Whitrington, Carlos Pavan, Daniel Corzo, Ova Brizuela, Cristian Andrada, Dario Iscaro .

International venues:

In NY, he have been playing many times in his ten trips to the “Big Apple” at the prestigious 55 Bar, Somethin’ jazz, Why not jazz room, Smoke, Garage, Café Vivaldi, and Bar Next Door. In Paris, he has played at Café Mignon. In Bangkok, Thailand, he have been playing for four months and a half at The Oriental Hotel, among many other places. In Sao Pablo, Brazil, Juampy has played at USP university.

Guitar lessons:

Juampy is Argentina’s most in demand guitar teacher, has been teaching for the past 25 years, privately and at different universities from Bangkok to Buenos Aires.

He is a clinician too, with around 20 video lessons with original ideas based in his researching for the great american web site Mike´s Master Classes, 36 videos on Juampy’s Modern Guitar Lessons (Youtube), plus lessons in many guitar’s magazines.Has students for all around the planet.


He has written four books called Contrapuntal Improvisation, Guitar Explorations, Improvisación avanzada III and Poliphonic Improvisation.
 In these books, Juampy shows his ideas, new devices and own variations on Jimmy Wyble’s techniques and dodecafonic/atonal stuff, Fibonacci’s series and beyond. Now he is working in a New Harmony book.

Groups and Projects:

His latest project is the Juampy Juarez Trio, with Chino Piazza on drums and Juan Bayon on bass, two of the best South America’s jazz musicians. They recorded together South Monk a new CD paying homage to legendary composer Thelonious Monk, available at Amazon, iTunes and Spotify via the American label neworldrecords, with excellent critics around the globe:

"I'm really enjoying your record. You are playing great! All best to you,"
 Ben Monder

“Listening now .... loving it... great job! keep killing it, love the space you use like Miles and the silence between to bring out the overtone notes”
James Blackthorne, innovative American guitar player, winner of Guitar Player competition in 1988 year

"LOVE your new Monk CD. So good. And the dirty tone on Toto's Dance made me particularly smile... Excellent group too - masterful interplay. Thanks for the inspiration!
 Marco Oppedisano, New York based innovative classical composer, fantastic rock guitar player.

“Great playing and arrangements – I’m enjoying it “
Mike Gellar, owner of

Another fantastic CD available at CD Baby is Juampy’s duo with piano player Fernando Pugliese, called Standards, pushing the limits on this genre.

With innovative harmonies, intriguing dialogues and interplay between piano and guitar.

I like the Standards duo CD too that I'm listening to now!”
Mike Gellar.

Juampy has a guitar-piano duet playing original/innovative compositions penned by him based upon 12 tone and atonal music called Praxis that already has one CD on the streets.

Also a guitar duet with great American player John Stowell, with two CDs, one in a quartet setting and one duet called Games and Gems, using counterpoints and interplay, a modern jazz guitar duet that has excellent comments among musicians.

Selected Discography:

with Juampy Juarez Trio: “South Monk” 2014
 with Fernando Pugliese-Juampy Juarez duo: “Standards”2014
 with Powerjazz Trio: “Standards and our songs” 2008
 Powerjazz Trio plus John Stowell 2010 Powerjazz Trio DVD 2009
 with Praxis:
 Praxis 2011
 with Sebastian Cullari trio: “Gaucho funky”2012 “Brutus”2014
 with Ezequiel Chino Piazza: “Adrenalina”2008
 with Cerebros Vacíos: “Cero”1997
“Y nadie se da cuenta”1999 With Tancredo:
“Tancredo Tango”2000

English language Interview:

Spanish language interview:

About Juampy :

“He has a really original approach-very contrapuntal, he sounds tremendous”
Ben Monder

“Bravo juampy! You have such a great feel and your ideas are fresh and in the perfect slot. You move on, too !” ]
Gene Bertoncini

“Juampy, great to enjoy your fiery and fresh approach, very exciting!”
Peter Mazza

“ I feel fortunate to have been in the room when such great music was being created! Juampy Juarez took it to the Moon & Back...!”
Joe Giglio

“It was a fantastic evening of music, Juampy shock things up with his intervallic approach”
Rick Stone

“A very interesting player, beautiful playing”
Jude Gold, Guitar Player’s magazine.

“Juampy, I checked out your master class demonstration on "Contrapuntal Improvisation", and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You're a bad man!”
Russell Malone

“Beautiful Playing Juampy!”
Vic Juris

“You are one of the best” Juampy..have watching your videos..Man you are one hell of a player...
“I enjoy your playing too Juampy...hope we can meet someday.”
Dom Minasi

“My friend Juampy is doing some very hip things with 12 Tone ideas and has figured out ways to use them in jazz (he's been over to my house and played this stuff for me and it's incredible!) He is a fantastic jazz guitarist from Argentina (need some proof? check out some of his videos). He sat in with my trio last night at the Garage Restaurant & Cafe.”
Rick Stone , famous NY guitarist.

“You're playing really great. Nice tone and phrasing”.
Jack Wilkins

“Love the stuff your doing, its all very cool!”
Jake Hertzog

“A lovely playing and some incredible chops”
Jim Silverstein

“He is a very fine guitarrist”
Bruce Arnold

“You have a lyrical approach to the guitar, I like your creative use of space”
John Stowell

“I like the tunes, you have nice intros and good phrasing”
Jonatahn Kreisberg

“Juampy is an virtuoso player- intelligent, creative and soulful, from Argentina and busy gigging on the scene there.”
Peter Mazza, famous NY based guitar player.

“wow Juampy!!! You are the man! You are a true virtuoso and I am really your fan. I always watch your videos and have so much to learn from you. Thank you hermano!!!”
Rubens de la Corte, guitarrist for Elian Elias and Angelique Kidjo.

“I hear a lot of the same ideas and chordal ideas that I use also, the McCoy Tyner quartal harmonies etc. Love it keep up the great work!”
James Blackthorne, Winner of Guitar Plyer magazine competition.

Juampy Juarez's Jazz Lessons:

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Jack Wilkins

"I'm plowing through the three Steve Herberman classes I bought last week and I think they are by far the most inspiring instructional material I have come across in a long, long time (and I am a bit of a compulsive practicer, so I get through a lot)." - Nico S. (London, EN, GBR)