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Fun With Diminished.....

June 4, 2007 Tuesday 9 PM
Jake Langley
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Join Jake for Fun With Diminished...Scales, Lines, Tricks and Logic.  Topics in this class include the diminished scale, diminished harmony- lines, patterns, and licks from the Jazz vocabulary;  Using diminished for tonic dominant resolutions- II-V-I, III-VI-II-V;  Diminished lines over V7b9 chords;  Added notes to diminished scales;  Diminished functions in modern chord progressions;  Diminished arpeggios as pivots.

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Customer Reviews:

Matthew Warnock  (Saturday, 30 June 2007)
Rating: 5
This is a great introduction and/or refresher course on the diminished scale and all of it's applications. Jake spends more time in this class explaining scale and arpeggio fingerings than he did in his first class. Though with all the different ways to play the diminished scale the fingerings are definately warranted. Jake uses tons of great examples from the tradition and from his own vocabulary, including lines from Dizzy, Sonny Stitt and Pat Martino. As always Jake does a great job explaining the concepts and then quickly showing how to apply them in a real life situation. Also this class spends more time on Rhythm Changes where as his first class dealt more with the blues. Another great class by a great player and teacher, looking forward to the next one.


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Jack Wilkins

"One of the absolute best instructional videos I've ever seen [Tom Lippincott 8/18/11]. Tom lays it all out for you in an easy to understand way. He's a fantastic teacher. I was  immediately able to put some of these modern concepts into my playing. There is an amazing amount of material here and it's all great. I'm so glad I  downloaded this class. Well worth the money!!!" - Franklin B. (Tulsa, OK, USA)